As a non-profit organization, we can legally leverage the fair credit reporting act to help clients dispute any negatives items on the credit report in bulk.  Unlike many companies who can only process 3 - 4 items at a time Financial Education Services have the ability to provide clients with a speedy process and recovering credit scores in months.

With that being said, it is equally important that you begin building credit as soon as possible.  We encourage you to submerge your self into the program and take advantage of our secure card/credit cards and lines of credit to strengthen your overall credit score! 


If you look at the chart above you will notice that 15 PERCENT of your credit score rely on the

'Length of Credit'.  This means that the bureaus are keeping track of how long you've had your good standing accounts.  Your goal should be to have several months of good standing credit by the time your disputes are cleared.

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  • It is not a matter of whether you make $200,000/annually or $12/hourly. In the eye of the 3 credit bureaus

       everyone has equal access to an 850 point credit score.


  • The 3 Credit Bureaus are NOT government entities.  These credit agencies base your score solely on ones  ability to handle credit responsibly in their eyes.  They then build a report card around it.


  • The goal is to learn the credit bureaus rule book, clean your negative reports and build strong positive accounts correctly.  Your current income is not on trial, how you use your current income is on trial.


  • If you can apply for a car loan or credit card and control it responsibly the credit bureaus will appreciate this and recommend an increase on your current credit limits. 

  • Credit is POWER - to operate a profitable business successfully you will want a strong healthy credit line to supply clients or customers sufficiently.  There are many individuals with amazing skills, awesome business ideas, great connections in the community but low credit limits.  Having a business is key to having income.


  • Your business credit and your personal credit are two of the same.  You cant have one without the other!       Fix your personal credit to build your business credit. Grow your business credit to increase your personal credit. Which ever angle you look at it, remember, they go hand in hand and are associated with each other.


  • $100,000 business loan, $50,000 car loan, Multiple $30,000 Credit Lines should not feel unreachable and is your right as an American!

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