How do I pick the right Coach to help me with my credit platform?
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Our Representatives are also COACHES!

Every member will create a private login and have full access to their own personal account information. 

The credit attorneys are provided to give legal assistance, file credit disputes, trust and will assistance and more. 


Many clients need a coach to help reach their personal and business life goals.  Our coaches are here to make this happen quickly and sufficiently.   Every individual will be cleaning there credit for a different reason and hold a different set of goals. 



Some of these questions can help narrow down those goals.

Do you have children to provide for?

Are you in an emergency situation currently?

Is your business facing bankruptcy or in need of a boost?

Are you a student?

Have you been in the same financial place for many years?

What do you value?

Do you want to support the community?

Are you trying to grow future wealth?

Do you love large homes and quality furniture?

Do you have a growing family and need stability?

Are you in need of new reliable transportation?

Do you want to socialize with a higher class of people?

Do want something to pass down to your children?

Do you want to help and teach your parents about credit?

Do you want a Luxury Car or Condo?

Are you facing a foreclosure?

Do want to open a thriving business or invention?

Do you want to break a generational curse?

Are your credit issues affecting your personal relationships?

Do you want to move to a better apartment or community?

Do you want to travel the world?

Do you need money in case of an emergency?

Do you currently have health issues?'

Are you in financial debt?

Do you need to afford a legal attorney?

Do you need a backyard for your pets or children?

Do you want the best score possible?

Clean Slate 4U

All TYCredit representatives use the same exact platform. 


Credit Disputes are provided through Our Non-Profit Organization

United Credit Education Services.


All Initial Fees are $198 for Members and $98/Month going forward

strive 4 Greatness

ring team

  • Join the 800 Credit Club - Get to know someone in the business.

  • Learn how to boost your credit score fast and safe!

  • Use budget, debt pay and educating tools.

  • Enjoy a hands-on credit platform free on secrets.

  • Pay one low monthly fee that never changes.

  • Dispute ALL of your negatives items at once.

  • 24/7 access to free credit attorney

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