Non profit organization dedicated to educating individuals about their personal and business financial decisions.  This has been a hidden secret for many years - keeping the poor POOR and the rich RICH. 


Don't keep these skills a secret!

Educate yourself


how the credit dispute process works

how to build credit fast

how to read your credit grade

how to raise your credit limits

how to pick a credit card/lender


what interest rates are

what loans are available to you

what your credit rights are

what credit cards are recommended

what role credit plays in insurance/car loans

who the credit agencies are

who the lenders are

who the collection agency are

who mortgage officers are

who the banks are

when to file a bankruptcy

when to pay your bills

when to dispute

when to request high limits

when to file emergency documents

These happen to be the most important factors in your financial life,

yet overlooked by so many.  It is not a priority for the education system nor

credit repair companies to teach this valuable information,

which makes our mission as an organization

that much more important. 

We have helped families and single individuals overcome homelessness, debt,

loss of custody and MORE!

Watch this short clip of the many
credit repair clients and their
personal experiences. 
Everyone's credit is drastically unique! 
You may not have a personal need or interest in building credit at this time.  However, if you know a family member or a friend who has less than perfect credit and could use the leverage of credit repair or credit building please share this information with them.
We would love to help!